Picture by John Sullivan

Talking to myself

I must be insane now

because I talk to myself incessantly.

and you know what they say

(or somebody said at some point and it sounded smart)

“Talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity”

And people nodded in agreement

because they don’t talk to themselves

There’s a large bright sunny room in this Art Gallery called HOME. It’s full of pictures of women and girls in rooms, with some still lifes rather than still lives. There are a few abstract pictures which could refer to home or not. …

People ask me

Are you alone?

I try to be proud

Of my solo-ness

As if it was better

Than being with

a loving woman

They find it hard

To comprehend

Why I or anyone

Would travel alone

Or be alone

And sometimes or often

I agree with them

With my whole heart.



Probably the oldest travel blogger in existence. Much travelled and married. Paints, videos, photographs and poeticises. He should know better.

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